Aiden and APM Employment Services

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Working together

Aiden found success in his employment goals by working closely with the APM Futures team at APM Employment Services.

Aiden works at the Casey Basketball Stadium, located in the south-eastern Melbourne suburb of Cranbourne.

He works as part of the stadium’s administration team, doing a range of tasks, primarily looking after the communal sports equipment, washing towels and clothes.

At the beginning of his employment journey, Aiden, an NDIS participant, reached out to APM for support to transition into employment.

As a provider of NDIS Employment Supports, the APM Futures team helped provide Aiden with an understanding of work, an insight into his skills, along with an employer who understood his needs living with autism.

For young job seekers who have an existing NDIS plan, the APM Futures team can help identify suitable jobs based on each participant's unique skills, interests, and aspirations.

They work together with a participant to develop a plan.

As Sheryal, APM Futures Senior Engagement Consultant, got to know Aiden she saw he was a keen, friendly sportsman with detail-orientated skills who would make a great addition to the stadium team.

Aiden is pictured at the basketball stadium holding a jersey and smiling

Confidence transformed

When Aiden was thinking about what kinds of work he might enjoy, he thought of how much he loved playing basketball each Thursday at Casey stadium.

Sheryal also identified that a role with repetitive tasks would be beneficial for Aiden to easily manage each week.

“So, we decided to call the stadium, which Aiden and his mum did, and I did as well,” Sheryal said.

“They were very interested in having a conversation and Tammy and Jody and all the staff here have been fantastic supporting him.”

His employer Tammy has seen how Aiden has come to shine in his role.

“He has a really positive attitude,” she said. “It really brings everyone else up too, when he comes in every Tuesday.”

The regular employment experience has given Aiden a huge confidence boost.

“It’s changed my life” he said.

“It’s good and I’m not nervous at all when I’m working there. I’m going to stay at Casey Basketball and I’m going to stay as long as I can.”

Tammy sees the positive impact the APM Futures team and NDIS supports has for participants like Aiden.

“I think it really helps people feel comfortable in an environment that they have to get used to, and I think it really transitions them really well and it makes that transition quite seamless.”

Find out more

If you or someone you know, is an NDIS participant and interested in growing their future employment prospects, visit our NDIS Employment Supports page.

You can also contact the APM Futures team directly: