Alan and Ingeus UK

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Age is no barrier

Ingeus UK provided job entry targeted support (JETS) in Central London, Greater Manchester, and the North West of England from 2020 to 2023.

JETS was an innovative programme enabling quick and targeted employment support to help people find new work and new careers.

Ingeus supported more than 65,000 people throughout the service lifetime, helping more than 35,000 people find work.

Alan is one of those people.

Experiencing some personal challenges in his life prompted him to want to make some changes for himself.

He left his role of nearly 20 years in the mechanical engineering industry, and began looking for something new.

"I didn't know what to do" Alan recalled.

"So I went on job seeker's allowance, and after 13 weeks, I was told I'm being put on a programme called JETS."

He met his jobcoach Stephanie and he instantly described how he connected with her right away.

Groundwork energyworks manager Andy recalled how a member of the Ingeus team approached him about recruiting Alan for one of their vacancies.

"Somebody approached me and said we've got this scheme, I've got someone who we think will be really good for it, and it just kind of went from there."

Alan met with Groundwork, and they hired him as a Green Doctor.

A positive legacy

Groundwork works directly with people living in disadvantage in the Greater Manchester area, helping people to install energy saving devices in their home to cut costs, energy advice, as well as engaging people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Stephanie checked in with Alan to see how he was going, and Alan said he was having some difficulty because his older tablet device was not compatible with an app he needed for work.

Alan was taken aback when Stephanie said she could access funding to purchase him a new tablet for work.

"She went, "no, it's part of our service. For you to get back into work, if you need the tools, then we can do this for you."

The next day, he had a brand new tablet.

"I've always been a big believer of those schemes that get people back into work, and get people that have the skills that have been overlooked in other professions" Andy said.

"And to give Alan a chance at something he'd never thought about doing before at all."

The positive affect on Alan is clear.

"I never felt for one minute that my age was a problem. I felt part of the family from the moment I sat in the interview " Alan said.

"And I still do."