Alfred and APM Employment Services

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Making a change for the better

Returning to work after a period away can feel daunting for any job seeker.

It can affect a person’s mental wellbeing.

Making big changes can be a vulnerable time and Alfred has come achieved his goals with flying colours.

“Alfred was a very shy guy, but very personable and I could see he was quite easily approachable – a lovely, polite man, very respectful” APM National Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Austin recalled.

“At first it wasn’t easy – but that’s probably because I was going through depression” Alfred said.

Alfred received employment support through the Workforce Australia program, delivered by APM Employment Services.

Austin, employment consultant Peta and Alfred discussed what he might like to do, and he decided to do a security course.

Throughout the lead up and completion of his course, Austin stayed in touch with Alfred for any training or emotional support.

When Alfred was done, Austin reached out to EON protection, an Indigenous owned organisation based in Perth.

After making a phone call to Scott from EON, the rest as Austin said, is history.

Alfred pictured chatting with his boss at his workplace

An excelling employee

EON CEO Robert recalls when Alfred started, he was willing to give anything a go, and learned really quickly in his role.

Alfred works as concierge for the West Australian Department of Communities, meeting and greeting hundreds of people a day.

“We’ve seen him excel quite significantly in his role” Robert said.

“I knew he’d be the perfect fit. It’s great to see him evolve from the person that he was” Austin said.

Alfred has felt comfortable and capable in his role.

“When I started the role, it turned out to be a good fit in the end, because of the people I’ve met and work with” Alfred said.

“If you get an opportunity – just grab it and take it and you never know where it might lead you.”