Anna and Ingeus Germany

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Not quite the right fit

We’ve all experienced uncertainty if something is right for us, or we made the right decision.

When Anna was 16 years old, she began an apprenticeship, with her decision influenced by what her family thought she should do.

Now 28-year-old Anna reflects aptly on that decision.

“I started an apprenticeship when I was way too young. I didn’t really know if it was for me” she said.

“I realised during the probationary period that it wasn’t for me, so I dropped out. After that, I worked in hospitality” Anna added.

A highly social and interactive industry, Anna got to know lots of people from different backgrounds while working hospitality.

Despite this, Anna knew she was beginning to feel uncertain again.

“It was clear to me that I wouldn’t stay long in the hospitality industry” Anna said.

Finding a better path

After her daughter was born, Anna left the hospitality industry.

She found the working hours in the restaurant incompatible with childcare for her.

Anna wanted to further her career while balancing her duties as a parent, so she reached out to Ingeus Germany.

“After I had taken care of my daughter 100%, I now also had to take care of myself” Anna said.

Ingeus job coach Till, saw Anna’s circumstances and worked with her find her path.

Through their “ein guter plan” (a good plan) program, Till was able to help Anna find reliable childcare services while working on her vocational plan.

He saw Anna's confidence have a big impact on her prospects.

“Her own view of herself, her self-image also played a role in the fact that she had very little confidence in herself and did not dare to consider something like a dual training programme” Till said.

For the last 18 months, Anna has been training to become a clerk in an office management role.

Throughout, she has felt supported, especially when going through personal difficulties.

“I never felt ignored, I always felt very looked after” Anna said.