Ashley and APM Employment Services

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A whole new career path

It may not have been easy but experiencing depression and anxiety would eventually put Ashley on a whole new career path.

One which is fulfilling, and one she is loving.

Ashley is one of the friendly faces from CROWN customers encounter when they arrive for their stay.

With support from the Disability Employment Services program by APM and the CROWNability program, she’s forging her career path with confidence and pride.

It hasn’t taken long for her outlook on the future to feel brighter.

“My future now, compared to about 10 months ago, is just amazing” Ashley said.

A positive influence on her team

“She’s been an asset since the moment she joined” CROWN Hiring Manager Lucy said.

“Ashley’s disability did not have any impact on her being employed.”

Through her work Ashley’s customer service skills have shone, and she has progressed to higher duties.

Her superiors describe her as a positive influence on the rest of her team.

Ashley expressed her keen ambition to progress:

“I’m working my way up and looking into different areas and sections of the hotel and resort.”

Her lived experiences as a transgender woman included feeling excluded from certain workplaces and experiencing negative attitudes.

Over time these impacted her mental health, subsequently contributing to real and perceived barriers to finding meaningful work.

Finding a workplace which supports her mental health and career progression has been life-changing for Ashley.

“I’m just confident and happy that I have all these opportunities open to me” Ashley said.