Ashley and APM Employment Services

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Coming out of his shell

Taking the first step on your journey to employment can be tough.

There’s a lot to learn and it helps to have someone supporting you.

APM was there with Ashley every step of the way, supporting him successfully into his first professional role.

The dedicated support Ashley received through the Workforce Australia program was delivered by APM Employment Services.

At the beginning of his journey, Ashley was shy and reserved but determined.

“I came to the APM program because I didn’t want to lay around, I wanted to get out and do something with my life” he said.

“I didn’t want to leave the house, but I also wanted to do something.”

He knew he had to overcome some mental barriers and change his circumstances.

APM National Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Austin met Ashley and wanted to help to make the changes he wanted.

Austin helped arrange for Ashley to participate in Kolbang Kaadadjiny ("Learning, teaching and knowledge for the future") a dedicated Indigenous program.

“Ash basically needed someone to walk along side him and get him out of his shell” Austin said.

“He told me some of his issues and some of his challenges, and he engaged in the program, and he hasn’t looked back.”

Ashley chats to his employment consultant Austin

Secure career

Once he completed the course, Austin informed him there was a security course available which suited his interests and skills.

After completing his security course, Ashley got a call from Scott from EON Protection, an Indigenous owned organisation based in Perth, offering him a job.

Scott has seen Ashley’s growth from being very shy and lacking in confidence from when he started in 2020.

“He had one strong message to us, and his desire was to work, his commitment was to learn. And he showed us in the early days he meant that, and he’s been with us ever since” EON CEO Robert said.

“I enjoy it a lot because, you know, it’s my first job” Ashley said.

“I felt like it’s quite a bit of an achievement for me.”

What Robert has to say about Ashley’s growth and how he’s settled into his role, captures the impact employment has had for him.

“I wouldn’t call it settled, I believe he’s excelled. He’s grown into a vital team member. He’s developed his skills, which he didn’t think he could. His confidence has shined throughout.”

Today, Ashley works in a critical role where he works with a complex computer system, monitors, access control and CCTV to quite a large facility.

“His role is quite vital to the business” Robert said.

“The advice I would give – get out there and do it” Ashley said.