Asma and WCG

Wanting to achieve more

Soon after moving to Canada, Asma soon found she wanted to achieve more through her work.

Being in a new country she wasn’t sure how to achieve her goals.

“Everyday when I was coming back from my grocery store job, I was thinking I need something more from my life, I needed something better, better opportunities” Asma said.

That’s when she reached out for support from Achēv and WCG.

Achēv have been dedicated to helping newcomers and Canadians achieve their full potential through employment, youth, language and newcomer services.

For people who were new to Canada like Asma, Achēv didn’t just help her find meaningful work relevant to her skills.

They helped Asma settle into the way of life in Canada, insights into the local job market and connecting her with any community services she might need.

Support all the way

Initially, Asma found her “survival job” and would apply for roles at night, but she wasn’t having the success she wanted.

“From the very beginning of working with her, there were a lot of emotions that she was feeling, of being new to Canada and trying to figure out the ropes of how she should go about looking for a job and building her career” Achēv career specialist Alyssa said.

Alyssa worked with Asma to update her resume and cover letter, along with working on her interview skills and purchasing work clothes.

“The job search is a roller-coaster, there are always ups and downs looking for work, that is definitely something Asma experienced” Alyssa said.

She helped Asma navigate the job application process for the Ontario Public Service Commission, where she secured a role.

“Working with Alyssa really made a big difference in my life” Asma said.

“For me, Achēv has played that very vital role, it has played that very vital role – it boosted my confidence levels and showcased my abilities.”