Bob and Ingeus Singapore

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An unexpected change

58-year-old Bob had enjoyed a seasoned career in the hotel industry in his bustling home city of Singapore.

He never thought he would end up in a sales role – and enjoying it.

His time in the hotel industry gave him great exposure to people from diverse backgrounds and built his confidence in communicating with people.

After losing his job and experiencing nearly 18 months of unemployment, he decided to get some extra help from the job coaches at Ingeus Singapore.

“My coach Dorothy, she did a great job to put me on the right track – so as to be able to nail an interview” Bob said.

“Ingeus did a great job by matching me with the right employer and I got a job in record time.”

Bob is pictured standing outside on a sunny day, with his hands in his pockets smiling brightly

Supporting his potential

Bob had never considered his skills would transfer so well to a sales role and was initially apprehensive.

But his employer saw beyond this.

“They saw the potential in me, and they believed that I could do the job” Bob recalled.

His employer, Wong Sok Mei shares her thoughts on hiring Bob.

“Bob is a great hire. He comes with the right mindset, the right attitude, despite coming from a different background with slightly different skill sets.”

She shares that his enthusiasm to learn new things and ask for help have been valuable.

“We are very happy to have Bob” Wong Sok Mei said.