Christine and APM Employment Services

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A role model of resilience

When an ankle injury changed her life, Christine admits she came close to throwing in the towel.

Today, she is the person her employer calls to encourage other new employees.

Christine openly talks about her early struggles:

“I was down in a very hard spot for a while there. I could’ve gone either way but no-one was letting me give in.”

Previously, Christine worked as a regional forklift drive when she suffered a crush injury to her right ankle - the required surgery set her ankle in a fixed position leaving her with extremely limited movement.

Accustomed to being a hard worker, then becoming unable to fully bear weight on her foot, the resulting period of years out of the workforce had a big impact on Christine’s confidence and mental health.

That's where support from the Disability Employment Services program began to help Christine.

Understanding her new requirements

APM supported Christine with her ankle injury and learning disability to integrate back into working life and a new industry.

Her dedicated Employment Consultant was right by her side as she negotiated some personal struggles, to construct her resume, build her confidence and work on some job interview techniques.

Now working as a Housekeeper, she is quoted by her employer Lorna as “one of the stars of the hotel at the moment.”

Since finding Christine a role which enables her to work within her capabilities, she has grown to work independently with greater confidence.

And Lorna has noticed these changes:

"Since I met Christine, she is now a completely a different person."

"She’s got courage, personality, confidence, she’s very well presented. She’s was a bit shy to start with and she wasn't sure if she could make it, but with encouragement she is now a team player" she said.