Dakota and ParentsNext

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Succeeding with support

“You learn a lot being a parent” Dakota realised.

Much more than she thought.

As her youngest child turned six, Dakota had apprehensions about re-joining the workforce.

She reached out to APM for support and she found a support from the ParentsNext program and Vic Jobs.

ParentsNext is an Australian government program delivered by APM in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

The program is aimed at supporting parents with young children to reach their employment goals while balancing their family commitments.

After becoming a parent not long after she left high school, Dakota felt she didn’t have any skills to contribute.

Realising potential

After growing up in a house where money was tight, Dakota wanted to provide a good, happy life.

“I want to have the money to buy my kids whatever they need and feel good about it” Dakota said.

With support from ParentsNext, 28-year-old Dakota has grown from a woman who was doing her best raising her kids but had no confidence in her own skills.

“They’ve helped me realise that skills you get from being a parent can actually go into workforce” Dakota said.

She thought she didn’t have any skills, and she was quickly proven wrong.

She was referred to a jobs workshop with Vic Jobs, she learned about the job application process and how to communicate and word her skills.

Dakota has gained much more than just job application tips, it has renewed her confidence in herself.

“They’ve showed me it’s quite easy and as long as you’re willing to put yourself out there, people are willing to give you a chance.”