Dale and APM Employment Services

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Support made all the difference

When you've been struggling, the right support makes a huge difference.

Dale is a bright young man who, like many, struggled to find a job.

As an Autistic person, Dale's sensory and physical comfort are important factors in determining how comfortable he would feel in his new workplace.

“I was really hoping to get a job, I was struggling for months” Dale said.

Working together with his APM Employment Consultant David, Dale secured a job and has been loving every moment of it.

Dale received support from the Disability Employment Services program by APM.

Working in hospitality has proven a positive fit for Dale, and he is thriving.

He has a cheerful and infectiously positive attitude.

His employer says he’s brought a positive energy to every shift:

“Dale has really come into his own since he's been with us. He's a hard worker and we've built great trust with each other.”

Part of the team

Getting in touch with APM helped Dale get his foot in the door, and helped him realise his strengths.

“Working with David is great” Dale said.

"APM helped me find a job within weeks, if not just days. It was a fantastic feeling."

It can be challenging for people living with autism to feel confident in a new environment straight away, but securing that first job trial helped Dale be sure the job was a good fit for him and his employer.

When asked if he was excited about the future, Dale responds enthusiastically “Well I actually am kind of thrilled, very thrilled."