Daniel and Ingeus UK

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Another step towards rehabilitation

For people on their journey out of the prison system face a variety of challenges.

Ex-offenders can rehabilitate and return to the community, with the support of the CF03 programme, delivered by Ingeus UK.

The programme is a social inclusion programme co-commissioned by her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) and the European Social Fund for England (ESF).

The focus of the programme is to help offenders move towards social inclusion and mainstream provision, turning their back on crime, undertaking supportive interventions, training, and finding a job.

This is achieved by facilitating access to services tailored to their individual circumstances with a strong emphasis on supporting participants into employment.

“It becomes like a bit of a friendship really, because they’re there to support you like a friend would really, or a family member” programme participant Daniel said.

Support and positivity

Many ex-offenders enter the programme with little experience in the workplace, or the job application process.

Recruitment and Labour support manager for Greencore, Lisa remarked on their experience with the programme.

“CF03 gave us an opportunity to support and rehabilitate ex-offenders coming back into the community – they’ve made this process very simple” she said.

The caseworkers for CF03 like Manjit, in prisons and in the community, work with participants on confidence building, working on trust and overcoming anxiety.

They also ensure that participants have all the correct right to work documentation they need.

Having a case worker by his side has given Daniel the support and positivity he has needed on his journey.

“It’s so good, because you’ve got someone to talk to outside the box.”

“Someone that you can be open with, without feeling shame or anything like that.”