Daphne and Mobility


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A new home

Moving can be a big undertaking, as can settling into a new place.

Despite some big changes in her surroundings, Daphne has settled into her new home with aplomb.

She's much closer to where her daughter, Faye, and extended family can spend time with her, with assistance from mobility.

"It's been a big change for mum because she's had to come and live from interstate" Faye said.

"But she's settled in really well."

Mobility Aged Care provides older Australians with access to a network of thousands of carers and the ability to pick and choose who looks after them.

With a wide range of services available, a fantastic care team to support you and an easy-to-use app, mobility makes it simple for Home Care Package or private-pay clients to customise the care experience to meet their needs.

Faye found mobility online while looking into support services for Daphne, and has been incredibly impressed with their service.

"All I can say if anyone's looking for a very, very good provider, mobility id definitely the pace to go" Faye said.

Daphnes and her daughter at her home

Indispensable support

Both Daphne and Faye credit mobility staff member Eleni for making the process of finding the right support easier.

Eleni helped organise aids for mobility, cleaners, along with some adjustments for the bathroom.

When it comes to her care, Faye and Daphne know all they have to do is pick up the phone get any of their questions answered.

Likewise, Eleni puts in the effort to regularly check in.

"She calls us regularly to find out if there's anything she can update" Faye said.

"It's been a big change ot be up here, it take awhile to settle in" Daphne said.

"She's (Eleni's) been absolutely wonderful."

"And I don't like saying this in front of her, but I really don't know what I'd do without her" Daphne added.