Derek and MCI Institute

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An approachable way to study

Having varied options for how you want to study can be the difference that makes it accessible or not.

Derek took the opportunity to study his Certificate IV in Leadership and Management online through MCI Institute.

“I chose to study with MCI Institute because everything about the courses that were available was well laid out and easy to understand” Derek said.

He highlighted the layout of the study portal made his experience of studying much easier and more enjoyable.

Derek was supported during his studies by one of MCI Institute’s student mentors, who was on-hand throughout his study journey.

Education and growth

According to Mel, a student mentor with MCI, her approach to helping students is very dependent on the individual.

This tailored approach is what helps so many students strive towards their goals successfully.

When studying online, it can sometimes feel like you miss the more personal interactions you get in a classroom.

Some of the work mentors do with students includes creating goals for them, assisting with academic questions, and encouraging them stay on track to achieve their goals.

They interact with online students through regular phone calls and emails.

Derek and his mentor got along well, making sure he didn’t have any issues or barriers.

“When I did have one or two minor issues, my mentor sorted those out and cleared them up very quickly” he said.

This personal support helped remove barriers for him before they even turned up, according to Derek.

“She was very aware of the sort of issues I might have and explained things to make sure I understood” Derek said.