DXC Technology and Springday

The first step

Every step counts – just ask DXC Technology.

The step challenge on their new wellbeing platform started a wider, positive journey towards better wellness for their employees.

“Springday’s been an excellent partner for us” DXC Chief of Staff Natasha said.

“When I started as the exec sponsor for the program, I knew we wanted to get it out there, we wanted to build engagement and build momentum, but we really didn’t know how to do it.”

For a forward-thinking organisation in the technology space like DXC, they needed a wellbeing solution which could reach their nation-wide workforce.

“What I love about this initiative is that it takes the whole wellbeing piece and enables us to deliver it to people across our entire region.”

Springday is a white-labelled corporate wellbeing platform which can be customised to suit your organisational needs.

Their tailored platforms feature a range of solutions to organisations support, inspire and educate employees on their journey to a happier and healthier existence.

Three colleagues from DXC technology chatting at work

Words becoming action

One of the first measures DXC trialled was a step challenge, and the change was palpable not long after.

In meetings, or in person interactions employees would often bring up how many steps they had done that day.

In addition, they were taking purposeful breaks from their desks during the day in order to increase their steps for the day.

“It really started to take collaborative working and connection, all those things we talk about and really turn it into action” Natasha said.

The convenience and easy access to a range of activities on the platform has benefited DXC Communications Manager Adriana.

“Sometimes I might be feeling like I’ve got pent up energy and I’ve been working all day and I just want to get a HIIT class done, and I know I can get on the app and quickly do it” Adriana said.

According to Natasha, the program has had an enormous impact on their business in the last 18 months, with some employees sharing that the program has even had a positive impact on their families.

You can’t put a price on those sorts of benefits.