Ed and Ross IES

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Pursuing a new path

Ross’ passion for technology was his motivation to pursue a new career.

Education and a career in IT were part of his long-term goals.

When Ed was younger, he was incarcerated.

After his release he struggled to find employment or access training.

He couldn’t find someone to give him the chance he needed and was finding it difficult on his own.

He was referred to Ross IES, the Detroit at Work program and the Workplace Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) program, where he found the support he needed.

Willing to make a change

Ed was able to access training through the WIOA program, which offers free job training in specific industries for participants.

“Ed was an easy customer” Tina from the WIOA program said.

“He came in knowing what he wanted to do.”

Ross IES helped Ed acquire all the paperwork he needed to start his training and eligibility documents for employment.

“I would recommend the program to anyone that wanted to make a change in life, want to have a fresh start, just want to go into something new or different in their career” Tina said.

Ed was very dedicated to his training, enthusiastically recommending it.

“Anyone who’s eligible should pursue the WIOA program” he said.

“With education and opportunity, you can get anywhere in life, and the WIOA program gives a person that chance.”