Eliza and Self Employment Assistance

Changing the tide for women’s wetsuits

25-year -old Eliza Greene has grown up enjoying the gorgeous surf breaks in her hometown of Yallingup, in Western Australia’s idyllic southwest region as she grew up.

“Growing up in in Yallingup, I started surfing when I was two years old and I started competing when I was nine.

So, I was very young and I actually fell in love with the competing side of surfing” Eliza said.

As she grew up, along with her experiences as a professional surfer, Eliza and her sister found there were significant discrepancies in the wetsuit sizing available for women.

Many women around her found themselves needing to shop in the men’s section to find a wetsuit which fit their body.

This became the driving force for her to create her swimwear label GRNSTR when she was just 22.

An abbreviated version of 'Greene Sisters', GRNSTR swimwear runs up to size XL in bikini and one-piece swimwear, and up to Australian size 18 in their wetsuits.

Eliza and Mark are pictured chatting and talking

Riding the wave of support to success

Eliza had begun her small business journey when she reached out to the Self-Employment Assistance program, delivered by APM.

Self-Employment Assistance by APM Employment Services helps people set up, develop, and grow their own small business.

The program includes support for those who have an existing small business or wish to start their own business.

Participants receive 12 months of professional business mentorship and support, including accredited training.

With an existing business, Eliza engaged with the program to upgrade her skills to strengthen her business.

“She was already fairly confident when she started, but she's just grown from strength to strength” APM senior consultant Matt said.

This support has seen her secure national and international stockists in her first year, with the goal of expanding her brand’s range in the near future.

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