Emma and APM Employment Services

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Growing with the right role

Emma found her natural fit with nature role.

Living with the pressures of end-stage kidney failure not only made finding regular employment difficult for Emma, but she also faced challenges with her mental health.

“I have suffered from depression and anxiety and I have end-stage kidney failure,” Emma said.

“I had nothing to do during the day but focus on what wasn’t going right in life. It was really hard to find a job that was flexible.”

As well as having the money and independence employment brings, Emma wanted to be productive and have a purpose for getting up in the morning.

That's where Disability Employment Services with APM comes in.

Life-changing impact of having a job

When Emma joined APM Employment Services, her dedicated employment consultant Cindy listened to the issues she faced and worked with Emma to create a unique plan to move her forward.

Supporting Emma through the Disability Employment Services program, with help looking for suitable jobs, writing resumes and preparing for interviews.

Despite her challenges, Emma was determined to find a job that worked for her and she tried new opportunities with different employers without success.

Emma’s employment consultant Cindy also continued to reach out to local employers who might be able to provide a more suitable and flexible role.

When APM approached Sharon at local herb farm The Green Shed, they found an employer and a working environment that could really suit Emma.

And it was Emma’s enthusiasm and eagerness to succeed despite setbacks and health challenges that impressed Sharon when Emma visited the workplace for an interview.

“Everyone is capable of doing something, no matter how big or small,” said Sharon.

“I think Emma surprised herself in being able to do a lot more than she even thought herself.”

Now Emma, and her pet dog Charlie, are popular members of The Green Shed team, which supplies naturally grown herbs, edible flowers and other vegetables to restaurants and shops nearby.