Employers and the Dynamics Apprenticeship program

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Identifying a gap

Each day at work, Nick felt something was bothering him.

He realised there was a gap between his local community in southeast Wisconsin and at his workplace, Rehrig Pacific Company.

Nick saw there was little to no influx of young workers aged between 16 and 20 years old.

“I noticed we didn’t have a lot of young talent” Nick said.

“I always thought it was a shame that we didn’t have more high school graduates or college graduates from the area knocking on our door.”

Having grown up in the area, he felt he could do more to make the job market feel more accessible.

He decided to get his workplace involved with an apprenticeship program, which would offer opportunities for hands-on work experience to young people.

Dynamic Workforce Solutions is a national and internationally recognised workforce training, consulting, management, and administrative services organisation.

Nick connected with the Dynamics Apprenticeships program, and they got to work to make a difference.

Training the future workforce

“Bringing someone in and mentoring them, teaching them, having that mentor/mentee relationship, that’s like second nature to us” Nick said.

He believes strongly in the benefits of the apprenticeship program, and dedicating time to assisting young people early in their career path.

“They are the next crop that are going to help make this company better, so you need to dedicate time to them as if they’re going to be our next plan engineer.”

Nick knows not every intern will find their career path at his workplace, but he maintains they have gained valuable experience to guide them towards what they really want to do.

“(It’s) a great outcome as well” he said.

“They’ve got a great resume builder. They’ve got something that they know they don’t want to do now, so they can go out there and find what they want to do.”