Frantzi and Grant Associates

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Skills to return to work

Frantzi had been working the construction industry for 20 years and found himself in a difficult period of unemployment.

He wanted to continue to work, but to return to the construction industry he reached out to Grant Associates for support.

“I came to Career Advance trying to further my career, they had options for job development, and I needed to work” Frantzi recalls.

One of the challenges Frantzi experienced was having no fixed address, so he decided to take advantage of the ‘back to work’ program which was on offer.

A whole new start

“My experience with Career Advance was great, they helped me gain confidence” Frantzi said.

Frantzi got help to improve his interview skills and how to present himself well.

He was also able to access and renew several construction certifications.

Frantzi then started working with the Andromeda Community Initiative, a not-for-profit organisation which provides professional development opportunities, free educational and workforce development programs.

They also provide job-related training that prepares students for gainful employment in the construction and building restoration industry.

Frantzi has taken keenly to his role as a trainer, where his previous experience is highly valued.

“Frantzi is very responsible, he’s very much committed to the work at hand” his employer David said.

“What I could only wish for any employer is that they find someone who is as committed to the work at hand that they’re doing as he is to the work of the Andromeda Community Initiative.”