Glenn and Ingeus Singapore

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Motivated to make a change

Glenn was looking to make a career move in 2019, when the COVID-19 pandemic delayed his plans by more than a year.

After more than 12 months of applying for work and not finding the success he wanted, he decided to seek extra support from the job coaches at Ingeus Singapore.

Straight away his job coach saw he was a man with many diverse interests and skills, including music, football and baking.

He had worked as a sports producer for 14 years, including working as a sports commentator – but was struggling to find work.

“Most sports companies, or sports production companies were closing down at the time” Glenn recalled.

He hadn’t anticipated that customer care in the banking industry would be such a good fit for him.

Glenn is posed next to a window with a friendly look on his face

Progressing with confidence

When asked why he sought extra support, Glenn shared more about his goals for himself.

“The reason for coming was pretty simple, I wanted to make a career switch” he said.

“Not because it was mandatory, but because I wasn’t getting anything in my line (of work) and I needed to get back into the workforce.”

He approached the process with great flexibility, open to new options in order to return to work.

Glenn worked with his job coach as part of the career matching program. All of Ingeus’ career coaches are accredited professionals, who support job seekers right the way through their program and on to employment.

Glenn worked with his job coach Stephen, appreciating how he kept him motivated and accountable throughout their time together.

“I ended up coming to Ingeus and I’m glad I did” Glenn said.