Gloria and Ingeus Spain

A family with challenges

Nearly two decades ago, Gloria, her husband and daughter Florencia moved to Spain for a better life.

Unfortunately, the family got separated when Gloria’s husband couldn’t secure his residency, and he was subsequently deported.

Gloria is the sole carer for her daughter, who lives with Cerebral Palsy and was not able to work.

Further issues with her residency paperwork also prevented her from working.

This incredibly complex situation, which Gloria calls her “odyssey”, was made easier with support from Ingeus Spain team member Lucia.

More security

Gloria and her family had been in an irregular migratory situation without documentation, which has affected their ability to seek further support or benefits.

When Gloria was issued with a rental eviction notice, Lucia and the Ingeus team worked with all parties to prevent her eviction and secure a rental contract in her name.

In addition, Lucia and Ingeus were able to secure an affordable rate of social rent for Gloria – a rate of rent based on a person’s income.

Furthermore, Lucia and the Ingeus team are working with Gloria to have her daughter’s disability legally recognised so they can receive the appropriate benefits.

“After our visit, we identified all the indicator of vulnerability and social exclusion” Lucia said.

“And we started working to improve their situation.”

Today, Gloria has secured work in aged care which has allowed her to cover her expenses with greater ease.

“I can start the procedures for my daughter’s pension, for everything that corresponds to her and to be able to live better, with dignity and pay all our expenses” Gloria said.

“I am very grateful.”