Hani and Ingeus Singapore

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Career uncertainty

Hani’s 30-year long career came to a pause unexpectedly with the impact of COVID-19.

When her role in the travel industry halted due to widespread shutdowns, she was concerned abut being able to provide for her elderly parents.

“Because COVID-19 hit quote badly, the travel industry crashed, and I was laid off” Hani recalled.

“I was still at home looking after my parents, who were both bed-ridden.”

Initially, Hani thought her decades of experience would mean she was not out of work for too long.

However, as time passed, she decided to reach out for some extra support from Ingeus Singapore.

“When I think back - why isn’t there any employer calling me up for interview? And then it starts to strike me that I think I should need help” Hani said.

Hani is pictured standing outside, looking at the camera smiling

Empowering experience

Hani worked with her job coach to get job-ready, including updating her resume and job interview techniques.

They worked together to develop the best job searching strategy, making use of LinkedIn and networking opportunities to adjust to the new job market.

“The program is planned for unemployed Singaporeans who are looking to re-launch their career and restart their life” Ingeus’ head of coaching and development Linus Leen said.

He describes how working with a job coach can help job seekers access additional support, regardless of what stage of their career they are at.

They can help find relevant workshops and training, update and complete certain documentation and assist with the setup of different digital tools such as LinkedIn.

When Hani got an interview, her preparation made the process feel much easier.

“I feel at ease when the real interview happens that I could actually answer most of the questions that we had practiced together” she said.

“It’s a really wonderful, the experience I had with them, and I want this experience to be shared with my friends as well.”