Hanna and Grant Associates

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Expanding her knowledge

When you’re about to take your next step in life, it’s natural to not feel sure about what you want to do.

18-year-old Hanna engaged Grant Associates for help in building her skills and to get some experience in the workplace.

Through the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Industry Scholars program, Hanna was able to find and complete an internship which complemented her interests.

“I thought it would be a good way to expand my knowledge, just gain new skills and add something to my resume as well” Hannah said.

Successful participants in the program apply online and then interview with a program coordinator.

During Hannah’s interview, her program coordinator Adele learned more about Hanna’s interests, and she knew immediately where Hannah might find a great fit.

“We talked about different crystals, salt lamps – then I figured Moon and Jai would be a perfect pair for her” Adele said.

A little bit of everything

As part of her internship, Hannah worked between two businesses, ‘Moon and Jai’ and Moon Temple, both businesses in the spiritual wellness industry who sell things like oils, crystals, incense and candles.

“She did a little bit of everything” Moon said.

“What I love about Hanna is that she’s a ‘yes’ person.”

Hanna recalls her experience as a wholly positive one, where she benefitted from being in a real-world environment.

“I would recommend the program to other high schoolers” Hanna said.

“I would tell them that it’s such a good opportunity, something to add to your resume, and you could learn a new variety of skills.”