Jaesun Jung and Ingeus Korea

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Career transition

After nearly three decades, Jaesun experienced several unexpected changes to his career path.

Just two years before he was looking at retiring from his role at a bank, his job security was affected.

Jaesun Jung’s main role involved managing documents at the bank’s headquarters – and one day he was asked to return to a bank branch working as a sales officer.

This sudden change in his role and routine caused Jaesun significant stress which resulted in his resignation from the bank.

“It was terrifying to quit. I felt nervous, I felt I had no other choice to quit the bank. I cannot begin to describe how anxious I felt” Jaesun said.

“As the breadwinner of the family, I wanted to have a stable income, even when my children have grown up and got married. It was an emotionally challenging experience.”

After 26 years of working in one industry, Jaesun felt uncertain about how he could continue working.

Taking the wheel

After reaching out to Ingeus for support, he received assistance to plan for his retirement and understanding what is involved with it.

“In case you come to the time you need to get a new job it will definitely be helpful for you to prepare and enhance your skills so you can do what you would like” Jaesun said.

But he wasn’t ready to finish and retire just yet.

“Fortunately, I found what I would like to do, and I am recovering from the anxiety” he said.

“When I saw a Maeul (village) bus passing by in front of my house, I decided to become a bus driver because driving is my favourite thing to do, and I have a driver’s license.”

Jaesun was supported to become a bus driver, and contentedly cruises his routes each week.

The regular work and income have renewed his sense of purpose.

After experiencing significant change and upheaval, he has stable and regular employment which suits his circumstances.

“Of course, I guess the Maeul (village) bus driver is not the best to some - but I am good at driving, and this is a great option for me in my current situation” Jaesun said.