Jakub and Ingeus UK

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Self discovery

Helping someone by helping them find what they’re good at makes sense.

Which is exactly why Ingeus UK has partnered with the National Citizen Service (NCS) for over a decade.

To work with today’s young people, helping them to realise their potential and smash their future goals.

One of the 78,000 young people the NCS programme has helped is Jakub.

A dynamic young man, who has the motivation to want to be across every role in a team – learned some valuable lessons about his own skills and being part of a team.

Skills for a bright future

Jakub attended one of NCS’ summer camps.

“Through some social actions projects, I realised that some people are much better than me in specific areas, and that’s helped me be more of an overall team player” Jakub said.

One of the other activities he particularly enjoyed was public speaking – with an exercise in sharing his opinion on a topic brought out his confidence.

“I would recommend the programme to anyone my age” Jakub said.

Jakub also highlighted his enjoyment of the social aspect of the programme, which has given him a skill he didn’t have before.

Being able to strike up a conversation with new people.

“I feel more confident talking to new people” he said.

“I (can) now just walk up to people and strike up a conversation”

“It’s really made me a more confident, sociable person” Jakub added.