James and WCG

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Career-altering injury

Injury turned James on to a new a whole new career path.

The risk of further injury to his back prompted him to reach out for help to find safer employment.

James received a medical discharge from the military due to a back injury.

After engaging with WCG Canada, he progressed to re-training as a welder.

While completing his apprenticeship, the industry and his job prospects took a downturn and he decided to stop.

“Because of that, I was forced to kind of get back into jobs that ran the risk of reigniting my back injury” James said.

Safer employment

To make his next move a safe one, James sought further support from the Canadian Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Services (CVVRS).

This program is a joint venture between WCG Services and March of Dimes Canada. 

Bringing together more than 55 years of combined experience providing comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services. 

Their national network of service providers and experts ensures the best support for Veterans and their families on behalf of Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

“CVVRS is there to essentially identify the individual needs of the veteran to assess what their needs are in regard to gaining meaningful employment” James said.

The program aims to provide support for veterans to transition to civilian employment, including one-on-one support to find suitable employment which matches their skills and strengths.

“They’re really there to help guide you with any obstacles that pop-up” he said.

According to James, the CVVRS program changed his life in substantial ways, after find a role which matched his skillset and personality.

“It provided me with the tools I needed in the form of education to kind of grow both in my career and personally.”

“(It) really is something that I can feel fulfilled and satisfied in on a daily basis” he added.