Jeff and APM Employment Services

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Finding a new beginning

Jeff was determined to keep working.

When a devastating back injury left him unable to work, Jeff soon lost his home, his relationship with his partner and found himself struggling with depression.

But no matter how difficult life got, the 64-year-old former labourer was determined to find work and move forward.

“You get so down. Everything seems like there’s a brick wall in the way and you can’t get through it,” Jeff said.

“I got pretty depressed. You’re doing the job for 40 years and that’s all you know. “And because I’m dyslexic I found it was a big thing for me to even go into a course to do something new.”

Jeff said despite these barriers he was still wanted to work, and he went to Centrelink to ask what services were available to help him.

That’s when he was introduced to APM Employment Services and met his employment consultant Troy.

Getting started with APM

Jeff worked together with Troy to build up his skills so he could complete the course as part of his individual job plan in the Disability Employment Services program.

As well as coaching Jeff through coursework and job searches, Troy was able to provide Jeff motivational support and the use of a computer in the APM office where he could work on achieving his goals.

Soon after completing the course, Jeff had an interview with a local aged care and disability support provider and they were eager to bring him into their team.

“After everything that happened, I didn’t think that I’d be here. “With APM and Troy, they’ve made all this possible for me. I’ve put the yards in, but I’ve had good support too.”