Jesus and APM Employment Services

The next step after high school

Jesus was keen to find ongoing employment after finishing his journey in high school.

He found it challenging, and reached out to APM Employment Services for support, determined to achieve a better quality of life for himself.

Also known as Jay, he was connected with his case manager Samara, who introduced him to Employment Account Manager Hafez, to get him started on his employment journey.

Hafez sat and talked with Jay, getting to know his circumstances, his skills and what his goals are for himself.

He was impressed by Jay’s drive and enthusiasm throughout their time working together.

“He learned very quickly, and he worked with me, and he communicated with me and opened himself, you know, making sure we’re on the same page.”

Jesus, Hafez and Sam all standing together in the APM office smiling

Confidently progressing

They helped Jay put together some foundational things such as a resume and cover letter, and skills for the job searching and interview process.

“It was really good because they were very helpful, especially the manager, Samara and Mel, they helped me to get through it.”

Jay successfully secured work and has been enjoying the benefits of regular work and a stable income.

He has a sense of achievement and purpose, along with enjoying a financial boost.

Jay is enjoying his financial independence and is no longer reliant on income support payments.

“I feel very happy” he said.

“I can go on holidays, feels really good. I feel happy.”