Kristie and APM Employment Services

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Taking a big step

“Am I worth it? Can I do it? Why do I keep getting knocked back?”

As Kristie tried to break out of unemployment, these questions regularly played on her mind.

When she reached out to APM Employment Services for help in finding work, she had a support network of people ready to see her succeed.

In the beginning, she wasn’t confident enough to market herself to employers but with support from her dedicated employment consultant on the Disability Employment Services program, that all changed.

Kristie lives with Epilepsy and Emotional Personality Disorder (also known as borderline personality disorder).

Like many people, Kristie found searching for work by herself challenging, lonely, and a challenge to her mental health.

In these difficult circumstances, compounded by COVID-19 lockdowns, many job seekers have struggled to stay motivated.

It was during COVID-19 lockdowns in Western Australia she connected with Helping Solutions.

Support to succeed

“Finding APM was a huge step, it gave me an opportunity to learn and develop new skills” Kristie said.

“It gave me confidence to say what I wanted to and where I wanted to go.”

The first big difference working with APM made, was having her Employment Consultant Ashlyn there when she applied for roles with employers.

It didn’t take long for her confidence to flourish. Kristie started in an administrative role at Helping Solutions as a receptionist supporting the daily running of the business.

It proved to be the perfect opportunity as within just eight months, Kristie progressed into a HR role in the business.

“She is indispensable” Kristie’s employer Rhiannon said.

“I honestly don’t know what we would do without Kristie.”

Rhiannon remembers Kristie’s first week was during a COVID-19 lockdown:

“Kristie hit the ground running and was able to just step in and do everything that needed to be done – she went above and beyond” Rhiannon recalls.

With a supportive employer and a whole new level of confidence unlocked, the future certainly looks bright for Kristie.