Laurence and MCI Achieve

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Building new skills

Sometimes, we can take some technological skills for granted.

If you’ve ever felt like you wanted to know how to do something but haven’t been sure how or where to ask – you’re not alone.

To assist people of all ages to build their confidence, MCI Achieve run their digital literacy course.

MCI Achieve are a registered training organisation (RTO 91088) focused on offering Certificate III level qualifications for job seekers from an Employment Service Provider.

66-year-old Laurence is one of the students who has gained many new digital skills, which have helped him apply for and secure work.

Connection and confidence

“When I was searching for jobs, I found it difficult to write a resume, or write a cover letter – even search to get certain places” Laurence said.

He found having to ask people for help frustrating, and wanted to be more confident in himself.

“The lessons I gained were basically, navigation of the computer, how to get to pathways I wouldn’t have normally known how to get to in the past” he said.

The course made using a computer to find things or write things to feel like second nature to him.

“The digital literacy course offers a range of skills and knowledge to students in basic digital literacy” MCI Achieve key relationship manager Andrew said.

“Some of those things can be as simple as how to write a resume, how to attach a resume or how to write an email.”

The course also covers creating emails, navigating around a desktop, how to identify a safe and secure website and using computer equipment such as a keyboard.

Laurence received support from APM Employment Services to complete the program.

His APM employment consultant Emma shares her experience with the MCI Achieve course.

“Working with MCI has been fantastic, they offer a range of courses aligned with our job seeker’s career paths” she said.

“My advice that I’d give somebody to take up this course is basically it gives you confidence”

“It gives you the confidence (to) not be concerned or worried about doing things.”