Maegan and APM Employment Services

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Finding a role to suit her ability

Following major spinal surgery to treat her scoliosis Maegan needed some accommodations to assist with her healing and pain management.

After many attempts applying for work, she wasn’t finding the success she’d hoped for.

Maegan had undergone a spinal fusion surgery which involves the joining of two or more vertebrae in at any level in the spine.

Fusion surgeries have permanent results, altering the mobility of the of the spine to counteract the effects of her scoliosis.

A fusion in her lower back meant Maegan has some reduced movement and she cannot lift above a certain weight.

She just hadn’t found the right role which highlighted her ability, not her disability.

That’s when she reached out to APM Employment Services and found the CROWNability program.

Confidence in herself

With support from the Disability Employment Services program by APM, Meagan began working at one of CROWN's bars.

Maegan is responsible for preparing and serving drinks, providing service as a waiter and working at the venue’s private functions.

“In Maegan’s role, her disability does not affect her ability to work in any way whatsoever” Nick said.

“She has not only excelled in doing her basic duties, but she’s also taking on responsibilities in running our functions, leading to a lot of very good positive feedback from our customers.”

Having gone from strength to strength, Maegan has since been promoted, becoming a permanent staff member.

Maegan recalls feeling hopeless about searching for work.

“I thought no-one is going to give me a chance or work with me” she said.

“It is always a joy to come to work, I work with some great people.”

“It definitely has boosted my confidence” she added.