Maria and Ingeus Spain

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Emerging from hardship

Maria reached out for help at an especially vulnerable time in her life.

The COVID-19 pandemic had significantly affected Maria and her family, causing her to lose her job.

As a result of this hardship, she was unable to make her regular payments and she unfortunately lost the house she shared with her three children.

"Because of that hard time, the bank took me to court and I lost my house" Maria recalled.

Soon after being evicted, Maria was connected with the Impulsa program, delivered by Ingeus Spain.

Maria was assisted by Ingeus social worker Helena and they worked together to help Maria find work, pay off her debts and find secure accommodation.

"Since the first moment we had a very good connection, we created a two-way close relationship" Helena said.

Maria and Helena are on a bench in the street having a friendly chat

Confident and capable

Working together, Maria was able to get back on track, paying off her debt and signing a new rent contract.

It has given her a noticeable positive boost.

"Honestly, I have felt very confident with the process, because it helps me with my morale" Maria said.

Helena has helped Maria navigate tax documents, paperwork and access subsidies.

For Helena, she saw the difficulty Maria was in, and was able to provide emotional support along with administrative support.

Although she's starting from scratch, Maria feels confident with Helena at her side.

"In whatever I need, I can count on her" Maria said.

"For any kind of problem she is always available to help me."