Mel and APM Employment Services

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A stand-out candidate

When Mel approached APM she was at a low point, convinced she would never find work.

"I didn’t think I’d be able to get a job" she recalled.

"I lost hope, to be honest."

After her daughter came of age to go to school, Mel wanted to do more to support her family.

She was worried her lived experiences and her being a single parent would make her less employable.

The best part of Mel’s story is that she would prove herself wrong.

It all began when she enrolled in the 'Pathways to Employment' program, run by the Matera Foundation, which supports Indigenous job seekers in Western Australia.

Hard work makes Mel shine

As a job seeker, Mel was worried her resume lacked a detailed educational background employers may look for in their candidates.

And she was concerned a previous criminal record would mean she could never get a chance to prove herself in a new workplace or reap the benefits of work.

It was through the jobactive program (now known as Workforce Australia) with APM Employment Services, and the support of the Matera Foundation, that Mel saw her work ethic rewarded and praised with her outstanding participation in an eight-week workshop.

From this accomplishment, Mel’s determination continued to grow and it didn’t take her long to secure an employment opportunity with Monadelphous.