Mitchell and APM Employment Services

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Finding the right fit

Putting yourself out there to find a job can be tough.

Some people don’t manage find an area of work where they can really shine.

But not Mitchell.

Mitchell lives with ADD, PTSD and autism, and he struggled to find a role he could really immerse himself in, before he connected with APM Employment Services.

He remembers how stressful it was:

“I was really depressed a lot of the time, and had trouble focusing - I hadn't really found a job that suited me.”

“Being in a new place can be a total shock to my system, and I struggled to learn new things” he said.

For Mitchell, it was essential to be in an environment where he worked well, with potential for growth and professional development.

A positive outlook

Having the structure of a job in his life has been, as he describes, “magical” for Mitchell.

Knowing he can support himself financially and manage his mental health and wellbeing has enabled him to enjoy life that little bit more.

“My mental health has certainly improved and that is improving my friendships as well, I've become more positive,” he said.

“It means that I can actually plan for the future, which is something I haven’t been able to do for a long time."

"I’m able to do things that I enjoy, having the cash to cover my bills and spare cash to have a meal out and other little things.”