Mohammad and Ingeus Germany

A helping hand

Starting your life again in a new country and re-starting your career would be more than enough to overwhelm many people.

After leaving his home in Syria, 28 year-old Mohammad was able to get the help he needed to begin again.

In his new home country Germany, he had applied for over 50 jobs, but had not had the success he desired.

In his local area of Roth - located a short distance south of Nuremberg - the Roth Job Centre referred him to Ingeus.

When he met Ingeus Jobcoach Angela, they got to work straight away.

The power of belief

For Angela, she is especially proud of Mohammad and his personal journey.

“He had already trained and worked in his role in his home country” Angela said.

Mohammad wanted to return to his line of work as an office administrator and Angela saw the difficulty he was having.

“They helped me a lot” Mohammed said.

“They had helped a lot of people before me.”

Angela knew the most important thing she could do for him was to re-build his self-esteem and confidence.

Mohammad was able to secure an administrative role at Co-Check, a local education institution.

His employer Siawash has found great value in adding him to their team:

“Mohammad not only has a lot to offer the office when it comes to office duties, but his presence is valuable, particularly from a customer contact perspective.”