Mubeen and WCG

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New challenges

A move to a new country can bring excitement and new beginnings.

Settling into a new city, including finding work, can be difficult.

“I was a newcomer and didn’t know where to start” Mubeen said.

Thankfully, Mubeen found the right support to help her, and her family settle into Ontario, one of Canada’s eastern provinces.

“I was looking for a job desperately, that’s when I found WCG Services.”

Mubeen faced two main challenges in applying for work.

Firstly, that she had no work experience in Canada and secondly that she didn’t have any references.

Her case manager Lorena first determined what Mubeen’s needs were, what kinds of roles she was looking for and how WCG could best support her.

Solutions for a new start

“I’ve been someone who has always worked all my life, and I’ve never, you know, been home sitting and doing nothing” Mubeen said.

At the time she was struggling to find work, she found this was negatively affecting her mental health and she was experiencing feelings of depression.

“Now that I have the job, it’s actually giving me that sense of satisfaction” Mubeen added.

Director of contract management support at WCG Deborah spoke about the importance of the work they do to help people find work.

“Being able to help people find employment is so key to their success in life, because when you have the means to take care of your family and take care of yourself, it really just contributes to a healthy life.”

Mubeen has enjoyed greater financial security and freedom since beginning work as a customer service representative for Vital Air.

“The program has changed my life in many ways. I’m happy with my family and children” she said.

“I feel that WCG is an organisation who can help people achieve their dreams.”