Mubeen and Employment Ontario with WGC transcript

Mubeen Sultana: I was a newcomer and I didn't know where to start. I was looking for a job desperately. That's when I found WCG Services. The major challenges that I faced when I was looking for jobs was I didn't have Canadian experience, and the second was I didn't have any references.

Deborah Childs: WCG offers employment services for newcomers, persons with disabilities, youth with high support needs, and any vulnerable populations like those who might be in receipt of Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program. They would access support by checking us out online or coming directly to a service provider. Once they've done that, someone will connect with them and set them up to have an intake assessment to determine what their needs are, what they're looking for, how best can we support them? The goal really is for our employment counsellors and consultants to meet the client where they're at.

Mubeen Sultana: Working with my case managers first was Lorena, second was Kritika. Both have been amazing. Being a good human being is the first thing. They can relate to the issues that you are facing, they connect with you on a different level. I've been someone who's always worked all my life and I've never been home sitting and doing nothing. And that was one thing which was I was going to depression. And then now that I have the job, it's actually giving me that sense of satisfaction.

Deborah Childs: Being able to help people find employment is so key to their success in life, because when you have the means to be able to take care of your family, take care of yourself, it just really contributes to a healthy life.

Mubeen Sultana: The program has changed my life in many ways. I have got financial freedom now and I'm able to pay my bills. I am at peace. I'm happy with my family and my children.

Deborah Childs: Employment Ontario Employment Services is a best kept secret because so many people don't know that this free service actually exists, but it actually has a lot of potential to change someone's life.

Mubeen Sultana: I feel that WCG is an organization who can help people achieve their dreams.