Nicholas and APM Employment Services

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Seeking a new direction

Patrons of Healthy Life gym are sure to know who Nicholas is. He’s “a member of the family here” according to his employer Wendy.

After moving from Queensland to Western Australia, he was uncertain about his goals for his career and how he could achieve them.

Wanting to ‘find his feet’, Nicholas sought out APM Employment Services to help him find more sustainable employment.

Nicholas lives with autism and was determined to find a starting point for his career.

He had several short-term work experiences, but none which had sustained him long-term.

Through the Disability Employment Services program delivered by APM, Nicholas has found sustainable employment.

With guidance and encouragement, 22-year-old Nicholas has found a steady starting point to grow at Healthy Life Gym.

A bright spark

“When I first met Nicholas, he didn’t know what would suit him” Mark said.

“I got to know who he was, what he loves and motivates him.”

It was clear to his Employment Consultant Mark he had a strong ability to interact and engage with people and enjoyed social work environments.

Nicholas’ work at Healthy Life involves cleaning, detailing, and sanitising all the gym equipment and facilities, often chatting with patrons while he does so.

During his first week, Mark visited Nicholas and stayed with him for the first 30 minutes of each shift to run through his to-do list and ensure he had everything he needed.

Employer Wendy said she “didn’t even realise he has a disability.”

Wendy added that Nicholas often comes in early “He enjoys his work, and he carries his work out happy.”

“He carries out his duties above and beyond.”