Petrova and Ingeus Singapore

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Career switch

Petrova, like many other working professionals, endued a sudden change in their career path as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She was made redundant in 2020 after her employer downsized their operations in Asia.

“I was unable to get a job on my own after searching for about 10 months” Petrova recalled.

After more than a quarter of a century working as an accountant, she felt uncertain what she could offer an employer.

Her Ingeus career coach assisted her to prepare to return to work and helped her consider some different options within her industry.

Petrova looking at the camera smiling

Thriving outside her comfort zone

“When I accepted this role, from day one I was actually forced out of my comfort zone” Petrova said.

“With the coaching help from Ingeus I was able to advance from the fear zone to the learning zone and to where I am today.”

Today, Petrova has been working as a senior financial planner for nearly two years.

She’s grateful for the support she received from her job coach, and she feels she wouldn’t have made it this far on her own.

Having been through a difficult period personally and with her family during COVID-19, she brings a great passion to help people recover financially, to her work.

“It’s fulfilling” she said.

“Because my coach from Ingeus was able to empower me in this career switch – and in return I’m able to empower others, making an impact on their lives.”