Prebhu and Ingeus Singapore

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Transitioning to a new career

After experiencing a loss of job security due to COVID-19, Prebhu wanted to take a new direction in his career.

Prebhu previously worked part-time as a freelance music instructor, COVID-19 impacted his job security and he found himself looking for a job.

He experienced a period of unemployment which lasted nearly two years.

He wanted a job with some more stability and a long-term commitment but found the job searching process challenging.

Eventually this negatively impacted his mental health.

“That’s why I came to Ingeus, actually, to actually help me find employment” Prehbu said.

He was connected with a jobcoach at Ingeus, and she started helping Prebhu straightaway.

A more secure future

They started working on Prebhu’s resume, to update it and make it more professional.

Next, she worked with Prebhu on his job interview skills, so he knew how to present himself in the best way.

The regular check-ins and appointments they had helped Prebhu stay motivated.

“She opened up opportunities for me to find new jobs from Ingeus itself” Prebhu said.

“And the fact she was with me all the way, actually helped me through this stressful situation.”

After securing a role processing motor insurance claims, Prebhu has found himself much more up lifted and happier in himself.

“I feel very happy now” he said.

“I know I can look forward to the future with more promise.”