Ingeus Singapore - Prebhu transcript

Prebhu: Hi, my name is Prebhu. I'm currently employed with a company dealing with motor insurance claims. Before engaging in Ingeus, I was working as a freelance music instructor. It was a part-time employment. It was actually a job of passion, but I was looking for something to develop some longer term commitment. In the beginning, it was very, very stressful. I was quite depressed actually because the market was very, very bad, job market was very, very bad. And with the current Covid situation, very difficult to find a job.

So I keep applying for jobs, but the results were not very good. And that's why I came to Ingeus actually, to actually help me find employment. I was engaged to a job coach in Ingeus, and the first thing which she did to me was to actually change my resume to make it more professional. And she also, at the same time, helped me, explained to me what interview tips, for example, when you job interviews, right, what the tips, questions they can ask you.

And also to motivate me regularly when she calls up and checks up on me as well. So at the same time, she also opened up opportunities for me to find new jobs from Ingeus itself. And the fact that she was with me all the way actually helped me through this stressful situation. Definitely, it feels much better because I was unemployed for almost a year and a half. So getting a job now, it was really something, feel good factor actually, feel good factor. I feel very happy now. I know that I can look forward to the future with more promise, actually.