23 February 2022

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An uncertain path

“I always wanted to make something of myself, but I didn’t know how to” Rae-Anne said.

“They see my potential, they see something inside me I’ve never seen.”

Rae-Anne experienced some significant difficulties in her childhood which contributed to sending her down a negative path.

After briefly living with her sister and dropping out of school, she got into shoplifting and profited from what she stole to maintain a living.

“I was a bit mentally unstable having no parents, living a life of crime” Rae-Anne recalled.

A second chance

Less than two years ago, Rae-Anne faced the possibility of going to jail.

“That prospect scared me” she said.

“Moreso because I didn’t want to lose my daughter.”

A report from her probation officer saying Rae-Anne just needed another chance was what set Rae-Anne towards a better life.

After being connected with a local women’s centre as part of her probation, she found the support from Ingeus UK that has changed her life.

The team there were able to support Rae-Anne with life skills such as maths, English, managing finances.

“I’ve got counselling now as well, that’s where I learned self-awareness, self-development and life skills” Rae-Anne said.

“Not only am I on the right path, but I can put my daughter on the right path.”


Anna Burchfield

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