Rebecca and ParentsNext

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Pushing in the right direction

Rebecca is a proud Gunaikurnai Monero Bidwal woman.

When Rebecca first reached out to ParentsNext, she was in an extremely vulnerable position.

ParentsNext is an Australian government program delivered by APM in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

The program is aimed at supporting parents with young children to reach their employment goals while balancing their family commitments.

At the time, she was experiencing homelessness and financial difficulties.

Her ParentsNext Parent and Family Pathway Planner Jessica was able to quickly identify what she needed and connected her with the resources she needed.

“She really helped me, push me in the right direction” Rebecca said.

A great inspiration to community

“At the end of the day, it all comes down to you really” Rebecca said.

“What do you want to do? What do you want to do to help your children?”

Rebecca speaks passionately about being a role model, and she has been true to her words.

“ParentsNext has opened doors to my self-worth, really” Rebecca said.

Jessica worked with Rebecca to discover what her goals were.

Rebecca was keen on becoming a Police Officer and Jessica was able to arrange for her to attend some training sessions with the Victoria Police.

She left the trainings with fresh motivation to work in the justice system.

Rebecca has since gained employment at her local courthouse in Gippsland as a security guard and further employment as a paralegal.

“Bec is such a great inspiration to the community and she knows what she wants to do” Jessica said.