Richard and Ingeus UK

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The right help to succeed

He might be a little quiet at times, but Richard's employer Gary, the duty manager at Blackpool Zoo, knows he can rely on Richard to get the job done.

"Richard, from the word go, came across as being very proactive" he recalled.

He works in the business services team, which involves customer service, carpark operations and ensuring the park stays clean and tidy.

His confidence has grown hugely from where he began, with support from the work and health programme, delivered by Ingeus UK.

"It's all about moving young people forward into employment" Ingeus key worker Daran said.

"We're here to help and support them, with a health condition, physical, mental could be anxiety or a disability."

"We have a health team who are available to help them move forward."

Expanding his horizons

The programme has helped Richard build his self-esteem, and encouraged him to expand his horizons.

After working with Richard to find out his interests and strengths, Daran helped him update his CV and create a cover letter.

"We contacted Blackpool Zoo, had an interview and he's still here now" Daran said.

Richard enjoys the dynamic nature of his role, and regularly being on his feet - remarking he certainly gets his cardio exercise in each shift.

He also meets a lot of friendly people, which keeps his confidence up.

"The Work and Health Programme, (the) overall experience was amazing" Richard said.

"They were very helpful, very supportive and I appreciate everything they've done."