Sedat and Clustera

Playing to his strengths

After many years working in the service industry, Sedat was looking to take the next step in his career.

At 57 years old, he had a wealth of experience which he could bring to a new role.

Sedat was referred to Clustera through his local employment agency and connected with Clustera regional manager Caroline.

Clustera is one of the leading providers of Rusta och matcha - “Equip and match” – recruitment and staffing services in Sweden.

They help job seekers like Sedat on their employment journey towards work or study.

Clustera were able to support Sedat with career advice, completing job applications and connecting with local employers in industries.

“The first time I met Sedat was when he started the program with us” Caroline recalls.

“He then got a dedicated supervisor to identify what kind of needs and support he required to reach his goals for work or education.”

This personalised approach makes it easier for program participants to find the right role for them.

Continuing to create opportunities

“Thanks to my supervisor, I have the job I am working on today” Sedat said.

After working with the Clustera team, Sedat took a different direction he previously had in his job search.

Together, they found a role which utilised Sedat’s customer service skills and attention to detail in a whole new industry.

It’s his job to help ensure people are happy at work.

“I establish offices or move offices” Sedat explains.

“I work to ensure that the staff are satisfied with their workplaces, which enables them to do their job better.”

“(Sedat’s story) is a fantastic example of how we at Clustera can create new work opportunities between employers and employees” Caroline said.