Shannon and APM Employment Services

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Breaking out of long-term unemployment

Like many job seekers living with injury, illness or disability, Shannon came up against several barriers to employment.

Shannon lives with Down Syndrome, he had work experience, but hadn’t secured the opportunity he needed.

In late 2019 he approached APM Employment Services for help through the Disability Employment Services program to overcome his biggest barrier – long-term unemployment.

Shannon’s employment consultant approached Fins Seafood, and after a few conversations, they got Shannon into a role.

Secure job and special role for Shannon

For Shannon’s father Larry, talking about how his son continues to succeed in employment after years of challenges, brings a tear to his eye.

The impact of seeing his Shannon become a happy and popular employee who jokes with colleagues and is a respected member of a team is incredibly rewarding.

“He’s so keen to go to work in the morning and loves working there" Shannon's dad Larry said.

“I go to pick him up and have to go inside to try and find him – he just doesn’t want to come home.”

Since finding a job with Fins Seafood in WA’s port city of Fremantle there have been many positive changes in Shannon’s life.

As well as being reliable and friendly, Shannon became a hit with his colleagues for his sense of humour and generosity.

After two years in his role, Fins decided to honour Shannon’s contribution to the team by creating a new box with “Chief Box Constructor” and Shannon’s name on it.

“Shannon’s an amazing employee. He brings people morning tea, turns up half an hour early for every shift and he’s reliable,” Shannon's Employer Asher said.

“I’d say to other employers, if you have an opportunity to hire someone like Shannon, go ahead,” Asher added.