Tammy and APM Employment Services

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Looking for the right fit

Sometimes you just need the right person to help. Tammy had applied for many jobs by herself, despite persisting she encountered the same barriers to securing work.

Born with a cleft palate, which impacts her verbal communication, Tammy had difficulty speaking with prospective employers, and didn’t get a chance to show her skills for roles being offered.

Having seen her nephew work with APM Employment Services and get placed into his dream job, Tammy knew they could help.

A supportive environment

APM Employment Consultant Danni saw Tammy’s strengths and enabled her to link up with employers with suitable jobs.

Danni worked with Tammy to discover what roles she was looking for, and what level of social interaction and verbal communication would be ideal for her.

APM also provided additional support by updating her resume and helped her buy interview clothes.

When Steve’s Bar approached APM to find staff, Tammy was the first name on the shortlist of suitable candidates – and the first person they hired.

Tammy works as part of the Front of House team at the Perth venue known for its quality cuisine and prestigious wine selection.

She is responsible for detailing and intricately cleaning parts of the venue and setting the tables for service.

She creates a beautiful and inviting space for patrons and her dedication to her work continues to impress her employer Glen.

“What Tammy brings to the table we couldn’t find in other staff, so she’s been a great benefit to our business,” he said.

Glen described what she brings to the Front of House team, and the simple accommodations they made to support her:

“Very friendly, very approachable and easy to work with” Glen said.

“We understand that we just tell her to do those jobs and she gets them done for us – I haven’t had an issue with her disability all.”