The Zoological Society and CiC Wellbeing

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Employee wellbeing at the fore

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can provide a wealth of benefits for a workplace, which some are yet to discover.

The ones that have, know the “phenomenal” service CiC Wellbeing provide.

“Everybody has difficulties within their life whether it’s at work or at home, and employers have a duty of care to ensure their workforce is happy” CiC Clinical Operations Manager Karin said.

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) wanted to provide extra support for their employees, so they could continue to perform at their best.

Senior Human Resources Manager for ZSL Teresa said:

“We want to make sure they’re at their very best game.”

“So, getting the support they need physically, mentally and emotionally is great.”

Within this service, CiC also provide support for managers, who might want to support their employees but may not necessarily have the skills to do so.

“CiC has a manager adviceline that our managers can call, so when they feel overwhelmed, and maybe quite nervous about a conversation they’re about to have with an employee, they can use the adviceline as well” Teresa said.

Better supported at work

“The whole purpose of having an employee assistance program means that the employee can access that confidential support without fear” Karin said.

Teresa shares ZSL’s positive experience with CiC:

“I love working with them. I have a phenomenal account manager who is always there for me.”

And how straightforward managing the program is:

“If it’s a little question, if it’s another report I need, or if I need her to just come in and tell our managers again about our manager adviceline or the services that we have – she’ll always be there.”

Businesses can easily engage with CiC’s services, with their friendly account managers just a phonecall away.