APM to empower women apprentices in male dominated roles

Published on 03 May 2024

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Young female tradie apprentice smiles

APM Employment Services has been named as a new provider of the Australian Government’s revamped service for apprentices.

APM will help the Australian Government increase the number of women in traditionally male dominate roles in communities across Victoria as a provider of Australian Apprenticeship Support Services (AASS).

The new service will replace the existing Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) from July 1, 2024.

APM will also help increase the number of apprentices in clean energy occupations as part of efforts to help transition Australia to a carbon-neutral future.

The Government has overhauled support for apprentices and employers, as part of its drive to increase the number of apprentices in key areas to help underpin Australia’s future economic and skills security.

This is a key plank of the Government’s Jobs and Skills Summit commitment to improve the level of support and enable a higher number of apprentices to complete the full-term of their apprenticeships.

New changes also include detailed pre-employment assessments to better identify support needed by apprentices and employers.

Plus greater mentoring as part of tailored support for apprentices and trainees to complete qualifications.

The service also aims to increase engagement with schools to ensure more young people transition to apprenticeships when they finish their time in the classroom.

APM has been chosen to deliver two new streams in a new 'Specialist Providers' category the Government hopes will strengthen its new service delivery model.

These two streams are

  • Women in male-dominated trades
  • Apprenticeships working towards Clean Energy occupations. New Energy industries include work in solar installation, large-scale renewable projects, electric vehicles, green hydrogen and renewable manufacturing

In some regions, APM Employment Services teams will also offer Generalist Support for all apprentices.

APM Employment Services CEO Karen Rainbow said the teams are looking forward to working locally to improve apprenticeship retention rates.

“Apprenticeships are the backbone of our national skills system and this new service is the product of a long consultation that will place apprentices at the centre of everything and help set them up for success,” she said.

“APM is very excited to be offering this important initiative and we look forward to strengthened mentoring support services for apprentices and employers while providing greater support for key client groups such as women in male dominated trades and clean energy occupations.”

APM is committed to supporting better social and economic outcomes for women and driving progress on gender equality in the workplace.

In addition, APM is looking forward to forming deep connections with the clean energy industry and building lasting relationships across the sector to make sure apprentices have the support they need to progress their careers.

Find out more about the new services at the Australian Apprenticeships website.